About Us

EsthetiX brings a new approach to hair care. Through the application of change management principles and adult learning theory to the hair care experience, EsthetiX responds to repeated requests from people with textured hair for easy, centralized access to researched-backed support for their hair care journey.

EsthetiX is the result of the experiences of a women who  had watched one thousand YouTube videos and still had not figured out how to manage her textured hair. To boot she kept having set-back experiences with hairstylists (like heat damage that took 2 years to grow out!)

Frustrated, the women decided that  she needed to figure out the why behind her hair care challenges. She realized that she had to assess and redirect her thinking and actions around her hair, so she used her experience in education and adult learning theory to make a sustainable change. 

The result is an Assessment and a suite of courses that move anyone to the next level of their hair care journey.


Our company blends technology, change theory, and adult learning principles to focus on the needs of people with textured hair. Through the provision of high quality learning content, our customers are inspired  to move to the next level of their hair care journey.

Create streamlined and research-driven resources to support you as you to move next level of your hair care journey

Incorporate change management principles into the development of a hair care regimen

Redefine approach to hair care to define success as mastery of mindset and not mastery of product selection