What is a Hair Care Journey?

At EsthetiX, we define a Hair Care Journey (or Hair Journey) as a series of experiences that a person has when learning to manage their hair. These experiences ultimately allow the person to achieve deep understanding of their hair. 

What is a Hair Care Roadblock?

A Hair Care Roadblock℠ is a barrier to thought, ability, or understanding which prevents a person from moving from one point in their hair journey to the next.

At EsthetiX there are five key Hair Care Roadblocks: Recognition, Motivation, Fundamentals, Skills, and Accountability. 

What is a DIY Natural?

A DIY Natural is a person who styles her own hair. She may make her own hair products as well. She takes pride in her ability to care for herself and she routinely looks for new tools and understanding to achieve hair success.

What is in the EsthetiX Toolkit?

The EsthetiX Toolkit includes personalized hair regimen building tools, calendaring instruments, a hair porosity guide, and loads of other devices created to help you move through your hair journey successfully.

What is the EsthetiX Learning Portal?

The EsthetiX Learning Portal is the place where you break free. This learning platform allows you to access our courses and the Hair Assessment.

What do EsthetiX courses teach you?

EsthetiX courses teach you how to remove the five key barriers to success in any hair care journey. These barriers are known as Hair Care Roadblocks. This removal process is captured in our Roadblock Management Series, which is the suite of EsthetiX courses.

Some people are affected by a single Hair Care Roadblock and others are affected by several Hair Care Roadblocks. The EsthetiX Hair Assessment identifies your exact Hair Care Roadblock, then the related EsthetiX course removes it.

What is the EsthetiX Virtual Salon?

The EsthetiX Virtual Salon is hair school for people who want to learn to care for their own hair. In the EsthetiX Virtual Salon, you can connect with hair care providers to learn how to style and manage YOUR hair. No more endless scrolling to find someone with your hair “type” just to guess through how to complete the more difficult parts of a hair style. EsthetiX Virtual Salon is the space for real, sustained learning. 

How long are EsthetiX Classes?

Recorded classes run for 30 minutes or less  and live classes, which are taught through the Virtual Salon, are 90 minutes or less in length.

What do the terms Look n’ Learn, Hands On, and Theory mean?

Look n’ Learn is a term we use to describe classes that include significant demonstration or illustration of a hair care technique or practice. 

Hands On describes classes in which students learn through immediate experience and reflection. In Hands On classes, students practice the hair care technique in real time. 

Theory based classes are classes in which students learn exclusively through the discussion of hair care principles.