How it Works

Each EsthetiX course will teach you the skills needed to develop and manage your hair care journey, including how to refine your hair regimen, complete basic hair procedures like twisting and bunning, and maintain routines and habits that ensure hair care success.

Start Learning 2 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Take the EsthetiX Hair Assessment or Pre-Course Survey

The EsthetiX Hair Assessment consists of 60 questions that will provide clear insight into your unique Hair Care Roadblocks. Once you’ve completed the EsthetiX Hair Assessment, you will receive instant results which succinctly describe your Hair Care Roadblocks and provide you with instructions on how to take action. The pre-course survey is a short assessment of your goals and expectations for our Virtual Salon courses. We use your responses to tailor live course instruction to your needs.

Step 2 - Take a Course

EsthetiX courses teach you the skills and principles that will empower you to take greater control of your hair.

Step 3 - Access The EsthetiX Toolkit

We offer the EsthetiX Toolkit to support your understanding of course concepts and to hold you accountable for implementing what you’ve learned! The EsthetiX Toolkit consists of quizzes, worksheets, and hair care videos.